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Visual Seduction


Linda Schaeffler

Linda Schäffler Photographer & Art Director — with a focus on sustainability, female energy, futurism and transformation.   Als Gestalterin konzipiere und kommuniziere ich Ideen, als Photographin gebe ich ihnen einen visuellen Ausdruck.   Gestaltung, die Gutes sichtbar macht. Konsum, der Ressourcen schont.  Kommunikation, die divers ist. Produktion, die Menschen würdigt.   Meine Arbeit findet ihr auf meiner Website und auf Instagram.


LINDA SCHÄFFLER   Represented by  | Artist Management  | instagram
  Mahlower Str. 23-24 | 12049 Berlin Tel.: +49 (0) 157 79 89 08 04  Mail:     ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´


about the artwork
"How to manage the impossible – AI vs human imagination"  Will we grow up in a world with AI? How does it change our perception and our creative work as photographers and creatives?    As we grow up in this world, we must confront the reality that our future is uncertain, and that our relationship with AI will play a significant role in shaping that future. We must also come to terms with the fact that the world we inherit will be shaped by the choices we make today, and that we must make wise decisions about how to integrate AI into our lives in a way that serves the greater good.    This is the challenge of humanity in the age of posthumanismus, where the lines between human and machine are becoming increasingly blurred. It is up to us to ensure that AI is developed and deployed in ways that are ethical, responsible, and ultimately beneficial for all of us. | Instagram.    



Tobias Habermann Photographer and director, based in Hamburg/Stuttgart, Germany.
Specializes in transportation, people and fine art photography.
Tobias was born in Northern Germany and raised in the South.
All his life he wanted to become a doctor, that’s what his mother still keeps confronting him with.
But he came across photography.
In 2006, after studies in England and China, he graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund.
His diploma project, that addressed contemporary Artists in Beijing won the Kodak Young Talents Award in the very same year.
Since then, Tobias works for numerous clients around the world.

about the artwork
Tobias Habermann's latest project, „Clouds“ - transparent patches within opaque environments , is a unique blend of street photography and digital art that cleverly captures the essence of our relationship with nature in the urban landscape. The series features a lone cloud floating against various urban settings, and the artist describes it as "transparent patches within opaque environments." The cloud, which is usually relegated to being a mere backdrop in traditional photography, takes center stage in this work. It hovers at human height, catching our attention and sparking our curiosity. The cloud's presence is both surreal and intriguing, and it invites us to ponder its meaning and purpose. The cloud serves as a reminder of the natural world amidst the concrete jungle of the city. It is a stark contrast to the man-made structures that surround it and highlights the disconnection between humanity and nature. The cloud's transparency also serves as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life and the impermanence of our existence. Habermann's use of digital art techniques adds an extra layer of meaning to the series. The manipulation of the cloud's shape and form creates a fantastical and poetic atmosphere. It also serves to emphasize the cloud's otherworldly nature and the sense of wonder it evokes. In conclusion, Tobias Habermann's project Clouds is a thought-provoking and visually stunning series that challenges our perception of the natural world and our place within it.



about the artwork
METAMORPHOSIS    ---   vitality is defined by enhancement   -   the self finds its significance only in transformation. ---                                                    Editorial published in Best Fashion Magazine                                                                                                                              Creative Direction & Styling: Yilmaz Aktepe @artistspool Fotos:Ralph Mecke  Talent: Adam Russell- Jones Hair & Make-up: Marco Hülsebus @artistspool using Chanel & Kevin Murphy Styling-Assistenz: Jan-Luca Heinze Video: Simon Stock, Ralph Mecke, Yilmaz Aktepe Postproduktion: RECOM


Anouk Nitsche

Originally from Switzerland, Anouk has now been based in Barcelona for more than fifteen years and is working for international clients like Arket, Bobo Choses, Chloé, Baby Dior, Esprit, Farfetch, H&M, Jelmoli, Mango, Milk Magazine, Mytheresa, Uniqlo, Vogue Spain and Zalando amongst others.

about the artwork
Mame and More, these beautiful siblings. I often take photos of them and love to see how they grow and change. How they act in front of the camera. These two are so amazing. I love to repeat photoshoots with the same people, establishing a connection with them. To capture them for personal projects, editorials and campaigns. Here for Milk Magazine.

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Julia Buruleva

My name is Julia Buruleva, and I'm a visual artist, photographer, and creative director based in Barcelona. My specialties are conceptual, advertising, and fashion photography, as well as motion.

Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, I graduated from the Saint Petersburg University of Art and Culture with a degree in fine art photography. For the next ten years, I worked as a commercial photographer, traveling all over the world to gather inspiration and shoot documentary and street photography projects. During my travels, I explored unique corners of the planet in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, India, and Thailand. These experiences helped me to gain an understanding of different cultures, aesthetics, traditions, rhythms, and colors.
Seven years ago, I moved to Barcelona with my son. The city's creative atmosphere, spirit of freedom, and rich cultural background captured my heart, and I started my life from scratch there. I have since assembled a talented team of stylists, makeup artists, camera operators, editors, and other industry professionals.
Our team has broad and varied experience, having executed successful advertising campaigns for global brands in the jewelry, fashion, and swimwear sectors. We also have extensive experience producing editorial and commercial work for fashion magazines worldwide, including ELLE, PAP, SICKY, L'Officiel China, InStyle Hungary, REBEL Mag, Solstice, JUTE, LATEST, VEIN, REKT, Kluid, Rolling Stone (Argentina), HUF, Decalogue, Switch, and more.
Although I have a background in commercial photography, I am also a visual artist deeply invested in personal art projects.

I am represented as a photographer and creative director by leading European photo agencies:
 In Germany by Rockenfeller & Göbels
 In Italy by ARTalents Agency  
 In Switzerland by VisualEyes Artists 
 In Great Britain by HOJ Agency 
 As a fine art photographer by INSIDEOUT Gallery (Brussels)

Latest exhibitions:
Le Japonisme/Sapporo (Japan)
"Selfie Isolation"/InsideOut Gallery, Brussels
UNSEEN Artfair/Amsterdam
Solo exhibition "Uncensored"/BEGEMOT art gallery, Barcelona
Solo exhibition/ARTERIA art gallery, Barcelona
Solo exhibition "Behind the mirror". Art project about involving disabled persons to the fashion world/ Moscow.
International Art Fair You Ten Diez Movement/Spain


about the artwork
SYNCHRONIZATION is my current self-portrait project, which combines elements of photography,  performance, land art and digital art. I seek out unique locations, whether they are famous or unknown, and incorporate compositions featuring different positions of my body within the landscapes. I interact with nature and align my movements with the lines, geometry, and colors of the places I visit. For me, this project is also a performance, usually lasting between half an hour to an hour. Sometimes, I have an audience, and other times it's a personal interaction with nature. Technically I use digital processing to create these works, combining multiple images of myself taken from one point into a single composition. However, all images are real representations of my body's movements during this prolonged performance. I am the protagonist of this project and the only model. This project combines everything I love - traveling in search of unique places, my love for nature, and my desire to be not only behind the scenes but also in front of the camera. Each shoot for this project is an unforgettable experience, an adventure. I have to wake up before dawn or travel somewhere in the middle of the night, overcome my shyness if there are onlookers at the shoot, overcome the weakness of my own body that is tired and doesn't want to climb up that high mountain, overcome the cold, rain, or heat. And this overcoming is the most important part for me. I grow with the project with each new shoot. Creating each piece takes several weeks or even months - from conception to implementation - preparing for the trip, scouting locations on site, exploring all the possibilities, actual shooting (fortunately, my partner and friend Irina helps me in the process). Then, many days are spent creating the final composition. I multiply several photos taken within half an hour to an hour into one, and thus demonstrate a shifted point of view on space-time. The viewer can see the long process instantly. This project is also about harmony and connecting with nature. It came to my mind as a reaction to the pandemic when we were locked up in our apartments in the cities. I wanted to feel the freedom and energy of nature again. And this is a certain responsibility - to convey this harmony in such a complex visual form, where every element of the composition is in its place. The naked bodies in my works are more of an abstraction, and I do not use the sexualization of nudity. The absence of clothing means the absence of ties to style, place, and time, something personal. Nudity allows you to speak in the language of eternity. And the body in my works is a continuation of the lines of the surrounding environment. Another important layer for me in this venture is that I came from commercial photography to art photography at a fairly mature age. I am now 44 years old, and I want to show myself and other women that age is not a hindrance to bold decisions, changes in life, and creative growth.


christian schmidt

Christian Schmidt is a photographer and image maker with a strong  focus on simple, graphical and atmospherical images. He is working since almost twenty years in the field of artistic and commercial imagery. He is based in Stuttgart Germany.

about the artwork
"Memories from the future" is a personal journey and interpretation  in the genre of atmospheric and artistic imagery.


Stephie Braun

About Stephie Braun

At the age of 14, Stephie Braun already knew that she absolutely wanted to become a photographer. Since then, she has never put the camera down again. From 2014 to 2019, Stephie studied photography and media at the FH Bielefeld. In addition, she also spent a semester abroad at the renowned University of Arts in London, where she studied Fine Art Photography in 2016.
In 2019, parallely with the successful completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree, the German VOGUE awarded Stephie the prestigious talent award 'VOGUE Photo' for emerging fashion photographers.
Today, she works as a freelance commercial photographer and video directress, focusing on fashion and lifestyle topics. Since 2021 she is in creative cooperation with the photography representation agency boschtobanrap. Since 2022, Stephie is also an active member of the female photography collective herspective.
In her photo book "OPAQUE", published in 2019 by Kunstbuchverlag KERBER, Stephie Braun brings together her work from ten years within one body of work and presents within a free, photographic approach, how she personally sees the world.
She now lives in Berlin, where also her studio atelier is based.

about the artwork
Aletheia by Stephie Braun, Personal Project, 2016 - ongoing The photographic work "Aletheia" started its creation in 2016 at the London College of Communication, University of Arts, by German photographer Stephie Braun. Until today, the artist researches aesthetic truths and seeks visual images that spring from the objective social, as well as the individual perception of each within this project. The content focuses on themes such as body and gender, color and form, as well as norm and conformity. In general, the project can also be read as a philosophical reflection on the theme of beauty and is understood as a visual examination of the meaning, purpose and significance of beauty in the 21st century.  In 2016, one of the images from this project won the second prize in an open call on the Life Framer photo platform. Reviewed by Katherine October Matthews. “What I like about this image is that it triggers something I often associate with mindfulness: playful curiosity. This image makes me smile in a very simple way, and it‘s important to remember that even serious photography and art can and should appeal to our enjoyment, happiness, joy, sense of play and wonder. The photo has a great collection of textures, from the sneaky hairless cat, to the reflective foil, to the tree bark, the wire mesh behind it, the leaves, and the clouds against the blue sky. There are so many things here that I want to touch – but can only look at – and it‘s something that makes me look and keeps me in the picture.” - Katherine October Matthews Recently a part of the project was featured on the social media channels of FOTOGRAFISKA Berlin. They described the work as follows: "Stephie Braun's project Aletheia delves into the Berlin-based photographers definition of beauty—not just the physical body, but in the everyday moments that make us stop and consider the full breadth of life's aesthetic wonders. Aletheia also brings up questions of femininity, and where its notions intersect with societal expectations of beauty; portraits swathed in shades of pink and red are juxtaposed with close-up portraits of women, bisected with strings and thread. In addition to her visual work, Stephie also creates photobooks that feature her poetry, some of which can be seen in Alethia. This mixed media approach centers Stephie's work as not only inquisitive and philosophical, but also ever-evolving in its technique. With images appearing like pages from her secret diary, Stephie observes the world around her with caring detail and an unconventional eye."


Alina Gross

Alina Gross ist eine Fotokünstlerin und Artdirectorin aus Deutschland, die zwischen Düsseldorf und Berlin arbeitet. Sie veröffentlicht ihre Arbeiten international: Vogue Portugal, Vogue Italia, Vogue Germany oder Allure Korea veröffentlichen regelmäßig ihre Werke. Alinas Fotografien zeigen einen weiblichen Blick auf den Körper. Dieser Look ist besonders, er zeigt bizarre Schönheiten und ungewöhnliche Perspektiven. Sie ist in der Bodypositivity-Bewegung aktiv.

about the artwork
Mein Medium ist die inszenierte Fotografie. Die Bildsprache ist klar und minimalistisch. Ich arbeite oft mit Farben und auch mit Elementen aus der Botanik. Blumen uns Pflanzen sind in meiner Bildsprachen Metaphern, die auf einer weitere Ebene im Verständnis des Bildes hinweisen. In diesem Portfolio befinden sich Bilder, welche klassisch im Studio aufgenommen sind und auch Bilder, welche mit der künstlichen Intelligenz und dem Programm Midjourney in Co-Kreation enstanden sind. Ich habe versucht, die KI so zu benutzen, dass ich meine eigene Bildsprache darauf übertragen habe. So habe ich meinen  Bildstil mit Hilfe der KI sinnvoll erweitern können. Alina Gross  


Thomas Mocka | The Mocka

about the artwork
I came across Midjourney and AI generated Images as if it were something I had been waiting for without even realizing it. As a fashion photographer, I learned the old-fashioned way with darkroom techniques, heavy cameras, organizing models, and endless phone calls. Photoshoots were always a lot of hard work. But now, sitting at my computer, sampling and resampling images, I feel like a magician in the digital darkroom, like a modern-day Frankenstein experimenting in the lab. Sampling and Resampling. There is astonishment, but somehow also a feeling of guiltiness that all of this seems so easy. I realize that what I create with AI is an illusion, a trick. But then again, hasn't the profession of photographers always been the domain of dreamers and illusionists? We don't know where the journey will take us, but perhaps it will be sugary sweet, beautifully bitter, and we will look back with a fearfull smile.


Fernando Gomez

about the artwork
Body language studies with Estefania Mendes.


Firat Kara

about the artwork
It is said that faith moves mountains. This ability is also ascribed to love - and to art. The mountains in this book "Doppelthochtief" are artifacts. To show the unique beauty and the fragility of our ecosystem, I gave nature a little help. On my crossings of the Alps I have seen how the mountains change. That's why I changed them according to my perspective. This is how I see the world.


Per Appelgren

Raised in Northern Germany and Sweden, I early adopted a sense for clean aesthetics and simplicity. Before pursuing a photography career I graduated in Business Administration and International Politics, but soon felt the need to express myself and my artistic vision behind the lense. For me photography is an aesthetic world to escape from reality, while capturing my counterpart in a modern and striking way.
Pure magic!


Celine Yasemin

Celine Yasemin is a Berlin-based photographer. Intimate, raw and unfiltered, her works shows a very authentic glimpse into the private lives of others exploring the complexities surrounding human nature like identity, individualism and sensuality.
Her work has been published in i-D Magazine, Der Spiegel and Paper Magazine amongst others.

about the artwork
21 grams – is said to be the weight of the human soul. But what does the soul do? What makes us human? What do friendship, relationship, partnership mean? How and, most importantly, who defines us and our (gender) identity, our way of loving and living? Is it society? We ourselves? In her ongoing project 21 Grams, photographer Celine Yasemin explores these fundamental questions. To do so, she focused her lens on friends and brief acquaintances – individuals with different cultural and social backgrounds who don’t identify with the so-called norm, who live a self-determined life shaped by their own experiences, preferences, and concepts of how life should be, and who comply neither with traditional roles nor relationship models.


Jana Clevé

Jana Clevé is a beauty and fashion photographer based in Hamburg.
She focuses on showing natural beauty and a strong, feminine look. With her spontaneity
and authentic approach she manages to capture a captivating sensuality in her images. Avoiding glossy perfection she seeks to find beauty within clean lines and soft realism. Her
portfolio includes internationally known brands and magazines.

Among her clients are Armed Angels, Bioré, Condé Nast, Eucerin, Hallhuber, Hessnatur, John Frieda, L‘Officiel, Nivea, Rituals, Schwarzkopf, Sleek, Wempe, Vogue UA and Zalando amongst others.


Susanne Spiel

Susanne's journey as a beauty and fashion photographer began in her hometown Vienna, where she showed a strong interest in the arts from a young age.
She pursued her passion for photography by studying the subject and honing her skills, eventually developing a unique style characterized by a blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and emotional depth.
Her ability to capture the essence of her subjects and tell a story through her images and therefore creating pictures that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, have earned her widespread recognition in the fashion industry, cementing her position as a respected and admired photographer.

She collaborates with Brands like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Erdem, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Saks 5th Avenue, Marco Polo, Closed Jeans, Schwarzkopf, DM,  Marionnaud, Great Lengths

Her work is featured on Vogue Germany, Vogue Japan, Harpers Bazaar Australia, Harpers Bazaar US, Harpers Bazaar Japan, Vanity Fair, Elle Russia, Elle Italy


Susannes Reise als Beauty- und Modefotografin begann in ihrer Heimatstadt Wien, wo sie schon in jungen Jahren ein starkes Interesse an der Kunst zeigte.
Sie verfolgte ihre Leidenschaft für die Fotografie, indem sie das Thema studierte und ihre Fähigkeiten verfeinerte und schließlich einen einzigartigen Stil entwickelte, der sich durch eine Mischung aus Kreativität, technischem Können und emotionaler Tiefe auszeichnet.
Ihre Fähigkeit, das Wesen ihrer Motive einzufangen und mit ihren Bildern eine Geschichte zu erzählen, und somit Bilder zu schaffen, die sowohl visuell beeindruckend als auch emotional ansprechend sind, hat ihr in der Modebranche breite Anerkennung eingebracht und ihre Position als respektierte und bewunderte Fotografin gefestigt.

Sie arbeitet mit Marken wie Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Erdem, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Saks 5th Avenue, Marco Polo, Closed Jeans, Schwarzkopf, DM, Marionnaud, Great Lengths

Ihre Arbeiten werden in Vogue Deutschland, Vogue Japan, Harpers Bazaar Australien, Harpers Bazaar US, Harpers Bazaar Japan, Vanity Fair, Elle Russland, Elle Italien veröffentlicht.

about the artwork
My work deals with visual seduction through minimalism. Reduced to 3 main colours: red, black and white.  The limited colour palette forces me to simplify my composition and design, which in turn creates a particular aesthetic. In addition, each of the three colours has its own symbolism and meaning. And can accordingly evoke different emotions and associations in the viewer. Red as a passionate and energetic colour, often associated with love, desire and excitement. But it can also trigger feelings of danger and excitement. Black, the colour often associated with elegance, sophistication and mystery. But it can also evoke feelings of sadness and melancholy in the viewer. White stands for purity, innocence and emptiness. But it can also create a cool and distant atmosphere. All this is thrown back on the person looking at the picture. Here, in this field of tension between the emotional world of the viewer and the artist's interpretation, it becomes clear whether the art of seduction is successful. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meine Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit visueller Verführung durch Minimalismus. Reduziert auf 3 Hauptfarben: Rot, Schwarz und Weiß.  Durch die begrenzte Farbpalette bin ich gezwungen meine Komposition und Formgebung zu vereinfachen, was wiederum eine besondere Ästhetik erzeugt. Zudem hat jede der drei Farben ihre eigene Symbolik und Bedeutung. Und kann entsprechend unterschiedliche Emotionen und Assoziationen beim Betrachter hervorrufen. Rot als eine leidenschaftliche und energiegeladene Farbe, die oft mit Liebe, Verlangen und Erregung assoziiert wird. Die aber auch Gefühle von Gefahr und Aufregung auslösen kann. Schwarz, die Farbe, die oft mit Eleganz, Raffinesse und Mysterium in Verbindung gebracht wird. Die allerdings auch Gefühle von Traurigkeit und Melancholie beim Betrachter hervorrufen kann. Weiß steht für Reinheit, Unschuld und Leere. Kann aber auch eine kühle und distanzierte Atmosphäre erzeugen. All das wird auf die Person, die das Bild betrachtet zurück geworfen. Hier, in diesem Spannungsfeld, zwischen Gefühlswelt des Betrachters und Interpration des Künstlers zeigt sich ob die Kunst der Verführung gelingt.


recom GmbH & Co. KG

about the artwork
1.) "U.F.O. - Unidentified Female Object" - Freie, experimentelle Strecke als Kreativkollaboration von Monica Menez & Thorsten Jasper Weese / RECOM zum Ausloten fotografisch-digitaler Manipulationsmethoden (no AI).         +        2.) "PEUGEOT Inception Concept Car - Visuals" - Gemeinsam mit Chris Noltekuhlmann entstandene futuristische Visuals zum vollektrischen Concept Car "Inception" vom französichen Automobilisten PEUGEOT. 


Grit Wolany

Grit Wolany started her creative career as an art director and designer. After more than 15 years in practice her curiosity led her back to university. In 2020, she joined the pioneering class of the newly formed Digital Ethics study program. After completing the course with a thesis on Digital Humanism, she decided to pursue a Master's degree at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in 2021, focusing on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Creativity. What started as socio-economic trend and design research in the field of the creative industries developed over time more and more into an explorative artistic engagement with generative algorithms and digital new media. Grit lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.

about the artwork
Shroom Kids I've been thinking a lot about the famous Midjourney "Puffy Pope "and its origin story. A 31 year old construction worker from Chicago tripped on Shrooms and decided to put the Pope in a Moncler puffer coat with the help of Midjourney. On the one hand, I'm fascinated by the democratization of tools, and on the other hand, I really like that people are using AI simply for fun. Purely for the joy of creating. No campaign, no briefing, no feedback rounds. Just for personal enjoyment. As a tribute to the trippy Puffy Pope: I proudly present the "Shroom" Kids. Made by Midjourney and me, just for fun.


Arno Lindemann (S&F)

Arno Lindemann, Creative Director and AI-Artist embracing the new tools of AI.

about the artwork
A series made with the help of the powerful AI-tool "midjourney" & photoshop finishing.


Daniel Feistenauer

about the artwork
In my project »The Six Freedom’s« I am documenting the association which is dedicated to the welfare of horses in Ghana and beyond. I would love to publish the story with Farago Projects as its still unpublished. Their vision is a human-horse relationship based on respect, compassion, and understanding. Due to the lack of financial means and professional care (unproven “traditional” or word-of-mouth remedies are favored over the more expensive services of a vet) and also because horse owners and grooms lack sound knowledge about horse care, most horses in Ghana suffer from mental and physical abuse. Animals are mostly treated with dominance and violence and therefore show serious signs of emotional and physical distress. Since The Six Freedom’s doesn’t yet have their own property, they rely on Ranch Eva Lydeking in Akim Asafo and Kingdomstable in Aplaku, Weija, Accra where their rescued horses are brought to recover. Ulla, Eva, and the grooms at Eva’s ranch coordinate closely on all Six Freedoms’ rescued horses.   To expand their influence, The Six Freedoms works with other stables in Ghana with about 80 horses in total; the Accra race course; the Accra police stables; and key people in Ghana’s horse community, such as well-known jockeys, trainers, and horse owners.


Attila Hartwig

In two decades as a photographer and designer, Attila Hartwig (1978, Berlin) has always retained his curiosity. his main focus is on advertising photography and conceptual art. Attila Hartwig was a master student of Prof. Ute Mahler (photographer) and Ingo Taubhorn (curator Deichtorhallen) at the Ostkreuz School of Photography and in 2022 he successfully completed the master class of the renowned Sibylle Fendt. since 2019 he is a lecturer at the Berlin University of the Arts. Instagram: @attilahartwig
  Curriculum Vitae
Name | Attila Hartwig
Date of Birth | 10 July 1978
Phone No. | +49 01791032663
Email |
Professional Appointments
2001 present freelance photographer
2019 present Lecturer Universität der Künste Berlin
1997-2001 photo assistant for various photographers
1995 Graduated from Secondary school
1995-97 training as analogue photo lab technician / PPS Berlin
2017-2020 Master student of professor Ute Mahler and Ingo Taubhorn at the Ostkeuzschule für Fotografie
2022 Masterclass Portrait Education Programm of Sybille Fendt /Fhoch3 Berlin
Grants and Awards
2022 Hinter den Toren group exhibition Galerie fhoch3
2022 Hommage to Giorgio Morandi solo exhibition Studio Galerie Berlin 2020 Prelight days group exhibition Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin 2020 Prelight days group exhibition Frappant Galerie Hamburg
2017 Foto.Kunst.Boulevard Grophius Bau Berlin
2006 Gold Award for Photograhy Art Directors Club
Sankt Studio Mittenwalder Strasse 15 10961 Berlin

about the artwork
Synopse Joko/ Sequins and plush, geometric fabrics and floral patterns, martial swords stuck in the head and sweetly kitschy unicorns or oversized play dice crowning the head—at first glance, the 45photographs in the publication Joko allow the viewer to enter a fascinating cosmos of masquerades whose sophisticated details alternately entertain, surprise or even frighten. One can see the countless hours of work that have gone into them—and in doing so, Berlin photographer Attila Hartwig not only directs the viewer's attention to the impressive overall appearance, but also repeatedly underscores the creative ingenuity underlying the various masquerades through close-ups. These are undoubtedly creative works of art, in the making of which the artist has left nothing to chance. The highly aesthetically staged portraits in the publication not only show a broad repertoire of tremendously multifaceted disguises, they also already hint at the fact that the masqueradesare far more than just an outer shell. The eyes gaze penetratingly through the openings of the mask, as if they were trying to tell a story. It is the story of Joko Koma, to be read in an autobiographical text accompanied by a very personal foreword by Barbie Breakout. Growing up in the Franconian province, Joko Koma's life is marked early on by the turmoil that will accompany him throughout his life—with great authenticity and intensity, Joko Koma describes how he always moves along the fine line between reality and the dream world. For him, both are sometimes beautiful, sometimes threatening, and yet it is precisely this constant interplay that serves as a powerful driving force for his life. The artistic dialogue between Joko Koma and Attila Hartwig grows out of the environment of Berlin club culture, where they both get to know each other and where the idea for the book project is born. With his masquerades, which are actually only ever granted a single appearance, Joko Koma reflects on the widespread display of the face in our society and also raises the question of the relationship between appearance and reality. Miriam Zlobinski's essay also focusses on this timeless theme, and at the same time she takes a look at the cultural-sociological understanding of masks with reference to concise examples from contemporary art. With the photographs of Joko Koma, Attila Hartwig portrays in an bothcautious and impressive way an artist whose masquerades depict the documentation of his life with and in artistic coping.      by Kirsten Limberg