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Balbusso Twins

Anna and Elena Balbusso / Italy

ABOUT // Balbusso Twins are internationally recognized award winning italian artists team (based in Milan) with a unique signature Anna+Elena=Balbusso Twins, who work since 1998 has been published by major international publishers and companies through out the world on various media types such as magazines, ...
Anna and Elena Balbusso
IT- Milano

Denise Petersen

DE- Kiel

Annika Metze

DE- Berlin

Making Pictures

ABOUT // Making Pictures offer print and moving-image production services to advertising, design, brand agencies, TV film and record labels. MP helps develop, nurture, and maintain lasting careers for its artists through curating high quality portfolios, encouraging exceptional artistic and personal pro...
1st Floor, Dewhurst House 3-6 Winnett Street
GB-W1D 6JY London


Stefan Gunnesch

Stefan Gunnesch
DE- Leipzig

anne-marie pappas

DE- Hamburg

Gemma Wilson

DE- Leipzig

JSR Agency

ABOUT // JSR ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER, ILLUSTRATOR, DIRECTOR AND CGI ARTIST MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION AGENCY. Our people are select, we represent them because they prize their craft and excel at what they do; together we are a team capable of delivering across all platforms, formats and budgets. We put into each j...
Unit 3, 4 Lever Street
GB-EC1V 3QU London

MP Arts

ABOUT // MP Arts is the sister agency to photographic counterpart Making Pictures. We currently represent 30 leading image-makers, designers and illustrators. We develop, nurture, and maintain lasting careers for our artists through high production standards, curating quality portfolios, encoura...
1st Floor, Dewhurst House, 3-6 Winnett Street
GB-W1D 6JY London

Hajo Müller

DE- Düsseldorf

Kristina Suvorova

DE- Frankfurt a. M.

Hauke Kock

Eckernförder Str. 58
DE-24116 Kiel

Katrin Rodegast

ABOUT // Katrin Rodegast is a paper artist, illustrator, designer and art director based in Berlin, Germany. Renowned international clients commission Katrin`s tactile style of illustration, when their visual communication is supposed to make the difference. Whether for advertising, magazines, brochures, w...
Neumagener Str. 25
DE-13088 Berlin

Ekaterina Koroleva

ABOUT // Ekaterina Koroleva is a freelance Illustrator born in Russia and living in Berlin since 2010. She is known for her distinctive female portraits and silhouette, layered expressively with a mixture of organic pencil strokes against colourful ink washes. With a dedication to fashion illustration, Ekate...
Brunnenstrasse 7D
DE-10119 Berlin


Oliver Bieräugel / Paper engineer, art director, set designer

ABOUT // Hi! My name is Oliver a.k.a. Ollanski - award winning paper engineer. I'm a graduate from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm/Sweden and my formal education is in Biomedicine with a specialisation in molecular neurobiology. However, my entire life has revolved around drawing, painting and cra...
Oliver Bieräugel
Kreuzbergstraße 14
DE-109651 Berlin

Cesare Bellassai / ILLUSTRATOR

ABOUT // Cesare Bellassai is an Italian Illustrator based in The Netherlands and Sicily.
Cesare Bellassai
Via Vincenzo Scarrozza 43
IT-96017 Noto